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La Crosse Weather Station - La Crosse Weather Station

lacrosse range rain offers

LaCrosse Technologies is a highly specialized company: they make electronic measuring instruments. In addition to its atomic clocks and wristwatch altimeters, LaCrosse offers a broad range of weather stations.

The Weather Channel—that’s right, the Weather Channel—is counted among LaCrosse’s clients. At the Weather Channel store, the Weather Channel brand LaCrosse model is the only one up for sale, an endorsement that speaks well to the accuracy of their instruments.

With its focused specialty, LaCrosse offers a range of models ranging from bargain, “hobbyist” weather stations to multi-sensor devices suitable for professional meteorologists. Ebay offers used models for as little as $30, while brand-new basic models run near the same price.

Prices move up quickly from there, topping out at $279.95 with the Weather Pro Center. Solar powered wind sensors measure wind chill, direction, gusts, and speed, while a self-emptying rain gauge records and charts every drop of rain that falls in your property. Indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity gauges let you track every inch of your problem, from the nursery to the sun porch to the pool to the back forty. All this information filters through a virtual meteorologist program that predicts the weather independently of your home, complete with automated weather alarms and storm warnings.

The cheapest model features a durable LCD displaying temperature and humidity. Extra features can be picked and chosen based on individual needs, including extra sensors, rain gauges, and PC interfacing. Whether as a homeowner’s commodity, a hobbyist’s toy, or a professional’s tool, a LaCrosse Weather Station combine a wide range of options with a favorable reputation.

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