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Bags And Bows - Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas Using Bags and Bows - Dressing up the Plain Gift Bag, Creative Wrapping Ideas

Making a Picture Perfect Present for Your Next Party

special perfect wine paper

People spend hours trying to find the perfect gift for every occasion. Most take the present and wrap it plain paper and call it a day. With a little thought and the use of the right bags and bows you can have a present which is just a special as the gift it hides. Take a little time and create the perfect present for your next party.

When wrapping your next present, take some time and make it special. Even the plainest paper can be embellished with the perfect bow to make a present striking. There is no rule that says a bow has to be made from ribbon. Take everyday objects and decorate your present to show a bit of your personality.

Dressing up the Plain Gift Bag

When using a gift bag for your present you don’t need to just add tissue paper to cover the prize inside. Use your imagination and a gift bag can be anything you want it to be. To show your creative side you can get plain gift bags and decorate them to suit the occasion. Plain bags are sold at all craft stores. By simply attaching photographs of memorable occasions to the bag you can create a special present for your friends and family. Write can also meaningful sayings on the bags to make them special.

Gift bags are also the perfect size for wine bottles. Several companies sell designer gift bags for wine which can make even an inexpensive bottle of wine look great. Green Grass Designs offer several wine bags with witty sayings perfect for all occasions. The next time you give a bottle of wine, attach a copy of your favorite recipe using the wine with a few of the ingredients. You can add a sachet of the spices needed to make mulled with alone with your favorite recipe.

Creative Wrapping Ideas

When wrapping gifts you can use nontraditional items to create a one of a king gift for any occasion. For the graduate leaving for a trip, consider wrapping their gift with a map. Make your next bridal gift special by layering a crochet doily over your wrapping paper. You can also use old newspapers to add striking designs to your presents. The comics section is great for children’s presents.

Another way to make your presents special is to make the bows a part of the present. Go to your local craft store and you can find inexpensive adornments which can be tied to your present in place of a bow. This will give your guest a little something extra when opening your gift.

Using objects which become part of the present is another great way to make your gift special. I perfect gift for your next garden party is a watering can filled with gardening tools and a big bow made from raffia or natural ribbon.

The next time you have a gift to wrap, make the wrapping just as special as the gift you are presenting. With a little ingenuity and some creative thinking you can make the perfect present from ordinary items you find around your home.

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