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Cable Modem Wireless Router - How to Install a Cable Modem Wireless Router - Why Choose a Combination Modem/Router?, Setting Up Your Network

Setting up a Wireless Home Network with Cable Internet Service

internet computer connect access

It seems everyone has a lap top or computer with wireless access to the internet. In fact, most families have multiple computers which need access to the internet simultaneously. Setting up a wireless network in your home is simple and will alleviate the stress of waiting to use the computer. The easiest way to set up your home network is to use a wireless router and cable modem combination where all components are in one device.

Why Choose a Combination Modem/Router?

Before you can hook up your wireless home network, you need a modem to provide access to the internet and a router to generate the wireless signal. You may choose to get a separate router and modem. Your best bet for ease of set up is to choose a combination router and modem.

When you choose a router/modem combination, there will be fewer connections to worry about. With separate pieces, you will have to connect your cable modem to the wireless router before you can receive wireless service. When combined, the factory has taken care of connecting the two devices together.

Another great advantage of a router/modem combination is being able to get assistance from the internet service provider. If you only purchase a modem, the internet service provider may not be able to help you with problems you are having with your wireless router.

Setting Up Your Network

Anyone can set up a cable modem/wireless router combination in a few simple steps. Before starting, make sure your computer is on and the modem/router is unplugged. This will allow you to avoid potential shock when you connect the coaxial cable. You will then connect one end of the coaxial cable into either your cable splitter or wall socket. Connect the other end of the cable to the modem/router.

After you have connected the device to your cable line, install the end of the power source to the router/modem and plug it into a wall socket. You should immediately see several flashing lights indicating your device has power and is receiving internet connection. To hard-wire a computer to the device, attach a LAN wire to the back of your computer and connect the other end to the modem/router. You will now have internet access to your computer.

A password is required to access the wireless connection. The 10 digit numerical password is usually located on the model sticker on the back of the modem/router. This password will need to be entered into your computer before connecting to the internet. Later on, you can visit the site of your modem/router and change the name of your network and password so it is easily remembered. If you follow these few simple steps, you can enjoy the convenience of a wireless home network.

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