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Who Is Domain - Who is Domain Lookup - What is Who is?

Who is Domain Lookup Helps People Find Domain Information

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Occasionally, you need additional information about a website owner. When that is the case, use whois domain lookup available on many websites. This tool allows people to find out who owns a domain name.

What is Who is?

What exactly is who is? Whois is a standard method for looking up the registrant of a domain name. Several sites offer a who is domain search feature. With the feature, someone can enter a domain name. The website will then provide them with information about the domain, such as the domain owner, owner’s address, contact information and domain servers. This information comes back instantly, and it is free of charge on many sites, including Domain Tools.

How is Who is? How a Whois Domain Lookup Works

The domain who is search uses simple technology to communicate with the domain owners. For instance, someone puts in a website query. Then, the company locates the database server related to that domain name.

After the initial location, the company sends a query to the database asking for information relating to the server. Information is sent back to the company, which is then displayed for the user. Information may vary, depending on which company the website is registered with. For instance, some companies may not display much information at all, while other companies may provide the user with everything related to the domain.

Further Research Beyond Whois

Since information can be limited with third party searches, you can also go to the source. In most cases, you will not initially know who holds the domain. However, after an initial query, you will find out what hosting company handles the domain name. After you find that out, you can go to the company’s website for a more detailed who is domain search. The company’s website will likely provide you with everything you need to know about the domain.

Who Uses Who is?

The who is domain lookup feature is used by a variety of people. Occasionally, people use the feature in order to negotiate a sale. For instance, if someone owns a domain name you want, you can use a who is lookup to get the contact information for the website, and then contact them in order to try to initiate the sale.

You can also find out when the domain name will expire. While the current holder will have the first chance at renewal, you may be able to purchase the domain name upon expiration. By knowing the expiration date, you can make sure you are ready to try to purchase it as soon as it is available for sale.

You can also use this feature if you suspect a site owner of illegal activity. You can find out information regarding the website so you can report it to the authorities.

No matter what you use the who is domain lookup feature for, it is a helpful tool. It provides web searchers with a variety of useful information about domain names.

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about 5 years ago

Good information really it's useful...Whois is helps to find the DOMAIN NAME owner address,registration date,Expiring date,zip code,country name,city,state,etc ...If these details hiden in whois search it's privacy domain name.To check your domain name whether registered under privacy option or not,you can simply visit the site http://www.whoisxy.com/ it shows those details.

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about 6 years ago

سایتم کو؟؟؟