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Six Week Makeover - Understanding Michael Thurmond's Six-Week Makeover

Blueprinting your body

body exercise weight people

Michael Thurmond, author of The 12 Day Body Shaping Miracle, has created a weight loss regimen to help people get healthy through proper nutrition and exercise in a six week makeover program. Through a step-by-step plan, Thurmond believes so strongly that he can contour your body and help you lose 30 pounds that he has placed a risk free full refund if you are not completely satisfied. The plan begins by identifying your body type through what Michael Thurmond designates as a blueprint of your body. To understand your body’s metabolism, you simply fill out a questionnaire, and once a body blueprint is realized, the program introduces you to the types of food that best work to stimulate your metabolism to burn fat. In the six week makeover for your body, Thurmond gives you the right combination of foods and particular times during the day and evening to eat those foods. His proven theory is from years of research involving a variety of people at different stages in their walk with weight.

If you have ever watched the ABC hit reality series “Extreme Makeover,” you are aware of Michael Thurmond. He has been consulted to assist contestants on the show many times using his theory on body blueprinting. He has overcome weight issues himself and at one time was a body builder. Thurmond stresses the power the mind has over the ability to eat and exercise. By using that power, you will be equipped to get and keep the body you desire.

While controversial, Thurmond stresses the need for only 36 minutes of exercise per week (two workouts of approximately 18 minutes a piece). Fitness leaders do not agree with this assessment and find that too little exercise per week is not enough to be beneficial to the cardiovascular system. Others argue that Thurmond is first focusing on getting the eating issues under control which are the root of the problem with obesity. A person cannot exercise properly in an obese condition; yet, a person stays obese because they do not understand or do not have control over eating decisions. In 2000 as a partnership with Provida Life Sciences, Michael developed the Six Week Makeover Program for your body (aka Six Week Body Makeover). He has helped thousands of people realize their physical goals and he continues his mission to educate people about obesity.

The six week makeover has many success stories. Several are based on health issues: lowering cholesterol dramatically; no longer needing high blood pressure medicine; a dropping of the body’s BMI (Body Mass Index); and relieving joints of pain. Others write about how great it feels to be at their correct body weight, to be able to exercise again, and to play with their grandchildren. One lady wrote about flying on an airplane and not having to ask for a seat belt extension.

Through Michael Thurmond’s six week makeover process, many people have realized their dream and returned their bodies to a healthful state. With the no risk, full refund, there is very little to lose, except of course weight!

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