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Gmrs Two Way Radios - GMRS Two Way Radios

How To Choose a GMRS Two Way Radio

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How to Choose a GMRS Two Way Radio:

A GMRS two way radio is created to keep you in touch with friends and family while you are out hiking, camping, skiing, or any other outdoor activities. They are convenient to carry around as they are lightweight. They are also very rugged to withstand any outdoor conditions. Here are some tips on how to choose a GMRS two way radio.

First you need to know what a MRS two way radio is. A general mobile radio service (GMRS), is a high powered radio that contains 1 to 2 watts of power, for outdoor recreational use. Their signals will travel on any FRS or GMRS band. Most two way radios made today have GMRS channels. You must have a five year license, as required by the FCC, to use a GMRS band.

Coverage Range:

They are capable of having a very high range in the optimized conditions. They will usually only have an actual range of 2 miles or less, no matter what the conditions. The range can be affected by factors such as, weather, topography, electromagnetic interference, huge metal surfaces, and obstructions. Your range will increase as you increase your positional elevation also. This means you need to stand at an elevated point instead of a flat point to get the best possible range.

GMRS Available Channels:

Almost all GMRS radios that are available today, provide 22 channels and about 121 privacy or interference elimination codes. Most of these two radios are 1 to 2 watts to keep them light weight, but will offer a power output of 50 watts for base stations.

Important Factors To Consider When Choosing a GMRS Two Way Radio:
* Wattage
* Size and Weight
* Calling and Paging Features
* Scanning
* Keypad Lock
* Noise Filter
* Weather Radio
* Headset Jacks
* Radio/GPS Combo Units
* Batteries
* Compatibility

Pros of GMRS Two Way Radio:

Much lighter and smaller and operates anyplace in the United States. It doesn’t have any cell phone coverage issues and there aren’t any monthly service fees or roaming charges. It has a very long range and the sound quality is excellent. It’s power requirements are small.

Cons of GMRS Two Way Radio:

Line of sight usage is limited for reception. GMRS channel usage requires a FCC license and fee.

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