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Cheap Domain Register - Reliable cheap domain registration

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Domain registration is the first step towards creating an online presence. Leading providers such as Go Daddy and even Google Apps offer reliable and cheap domain registration. Google Apps is a solution that is ideal for entrepreneurs and small business owners since the standard edition is free to use.

Google is known for the free products and services it offers. With Google Apps, you can register your domain at a price of $10 per year (as of June 2010) through the Apps control panel. They have partnered with Go Daddy and eNom for domain registration. In addition to this, you also get protection against spam, domain locking, complete DNS control and domain management, and Gmail and Gtalk integration at no extra cost. You can upgrade to a premium edition by paying extra. The premium edition offers you the ability to add more users and also provides more space.

With Google Apps, you can create a basic free website through Google Sites. This saves you the trouble of purchasing additional web hosting. Domain registration does not include web hosting, analytics, tracking, email or ecommerce. All services will have to be purchased separately.

Registering directly through Go Daddy costs $10.69 per year. The savings between the two are not much but Google Apps offer a much robust list of features. Once you register with a provider, you can transfer the domain to Apps buy purchasing an additional domain transfer.

Go Daddy is the largest web hosting service provider. Some brand name registrars specializing in business domain name registration, such as InMotion and iPage, tend to charge more.
Domain registration works the same way with all service providers. The only difference is the price. Small resellers offer domain names at less than $5, however, make sure that you are registered as the domain administrator.

According to the ICANN, you can register domains for one to ten years. All providers offer auto renewals through credit card or direct debit options. Domain registrars operate on a no refund policy – before buying a domain, spell check to ensure that you are registering the domain you want.

The first step to domain registration is looking up the name you want. Everyone prefers a .com domain but if a .com is not available, there are other options such as .net. All leading domain registrars offer private registration. This saves you from domain mining tools that spammers and businesses use on WHOIS databases.

Currently, domain names are offered as .net, .org, .info, .biz and .me. Companies can also register .gov domains through the US government after fulfilling certain eligibility requirements. Prices also depend on domain suffixes.

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