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Order Check Online - How to Order Inexpensive Checks Online - Steps for ordering inexpensive checks online

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Though more and more people use their bank cards for common transactions like payments, shopping and paying bills, the era of the paper check is not yet over. Some people don’t trust the security of electronic transactions, and other simply prefer the old-fashioned way of keeping track of their expenses. You can get checks straight from your bank, but these tend to be more expensive than getting them from a third-party vendor. Luckily, you can easily order inexpensive checks online.

Steps for ordering inexpensive checks online

1. Get Some Advice
It may make you uneasy to hand over your account number of personal information to an online company you are not familiar with. Ask your friends, co-workers and family members where they get their checks. They can recommend dependable, reputable companies which will do a good job without compromising security.

2. Gather Your Information
You are going to need certain information to order a check online. First of all, you will need your account number. Just as important is your routing number. If you still have an old check, you can find it at the bottom, just to the right of your account number. If you don’t, most banks let you find their routing numbers on their websites. Remember that routing numbers vary according to state, so don’t use the one for Washington if you live in Ohio. If you can’t find the routing number on your check or on your bank’s website, call the bank directly and ask them for it. You will also need the address of the bank where you have your account, and, of course, your own name and address.

3. Choose a Vendor
You can go with a company recommended by your friends or do research and choose one of your own. You don’t have to use the cheapest company, either. If something about their site does not seem credible or professional to you, don’t use them. Pay attention to not only the cost of checks, but also any hidden fees and shipping rates. Some companies may seem very inexpensive, but add on huge shipping charges.

4. Choose Your Checks
This involves more than just picking a design you like. Do you want regular tear-away checks or side-tear checks? Side-tears are easier to get out of the book without ripping, but usually more expensive. Top-stub checks are good for businesses, but usually unnecessary for personal checks. Do you need duplicate checks? You may like the convenience of a paper record, but these are also more expensive, and most banks now have a free check-viewing feature for their online accounts. When choosing a design for your checks, make sure they will be easily readable. You’re not doing yourself any favors by getting busy, fussy designs on them which makes them indecipherable.

5. Place Your Order
Check-ordering websites will have a streamlined process where you simply fill in your information. However, keep an eye on your details. Once you place the order, you can’t go back and change your address or routing number. If you entered these wrong, you just bought a pile of worthless checks. Also, make sure the company isn’t adding something to the bill that you don’t want, such as fraud protection or express shipping.

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