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Pos Cash Registers - All About POS Cash Registers - Software, Cash Drawer, Customer Pole Display, Monitors, Reports

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POS (point of sale) cash registers differ in many ways from traditional cash registers. Both are money-management systems, but POS machines offer more elaborate features than regular registers. However, they are also more expensive and require more of an initial cash layout from a fledgling business.


POS cash registers are essentially computers, and like all computers, they come with a variety of software options. Some companies bundle the system with their own proprietary software while others give you more of a choice about what you want on your machine and how you want it configured. Your choice may be decided by your budget, but in general it’s a good idea for your POS register to simply be used for money management. There are several kinds of POS cash register software, such as Cash Register Express, ez Power Point of Sale, Quick Books Point of Sale and Petra Sell. Smaller businesses may be interested in the program Cash Register, which is a completely free POS software which will work on any computer with DOS or Windows and can track up to 13,000 different items. Unless you can think of compelling reasons otherwise, you probably don’t want to let it be used for unrestrained Internet access.

Cash Drawer

You may choose to purchase the cash drawer along with your POS system or you may try to use a separate one or one you already have. If you don’t purchase it from the same place or as part of the same package as the POS system, be very sure that your drawer is compatible.

Customer Pole Display

POS cash registers are going to need a customer pole display to show your shoppers the transaction details. These can be customized with different features and with advertising or messages.


You can choose different kinds of monitors for your POS cash register. You or your employees may be staring at this all day, so you want something easy to read. You will also want a monitor which doesn’t take up too much space. Many businesses go with touch-screen monitors, which are not only easier and faster to use but which also save space which would have been used by a mouse and keyboard.


Perhaps the biggest draw of a POS cash register is its ability to quickly and easily make reports. POS systems can show daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly sales reports, department reports and comparative sales reports. They can track inventory, show register history and store and report customer information, apply automatic discounts, and alert you when something is out of stock or overstocked. Some types of POS software also create invoices and serve as employee time clocks.

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