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Before learning as much as there is to learn about anti spam software for free, it’s essential to first identify with the word “spam” and what spam is. In layman’s terms, it is unsolicited and unwelcome email. Other names that have been used to described spam is “unsolicited bulk mail” “excessive multi-posting” and “unsolicited commercial email”, besides the more commonly used terms like “spam email” “bulk email” or simply “junk mail”. Instant communication was auctioned into the world of computerized technology when emailing was introduced to the public; on account of this, information can now reach our computers for free, in seconds, from all over the world.

These benefits also opened the door for the negative side of emailing to come crawling in. For the countless marketing predators online, this became an opportunity of a lifetime for them to send unsolicited advertising and promotions of products, instantaneously, for pennies on a dollar. Now, it is fair and accurate to conclude that spam is an epidemic in the world of emailing. In fact, out of every 13 email receive, 10 of them will be spam in one way or another. This is the very reason why anti spam software for free is being offered for PC users.

Stop Spam

Simply put, if you are experiencing spam activity on your PC then you definitely want to consider installing anti spam software, that’s if you are serious about detecting spam. Anti spam software will not only detect the problem but it will also prevent unsolicited and unwelcome emails from entering your inbox.

Anti-Spam Filter/Anti Spam Software

There really isn’t a difference between anti-spam filter and anti spam software. They are basically one and the same; however, they do have a variety of alias, such as: Email Spam Filtering, Spam Filters, Spam Blocking Software, Spam Filtering Software, Bayesian Filters, Spam Blockers, and of course, Anti-Spam. This is software that is installed into your hardware that causes spam to detour or divert its path. On the other hand, if the anti spam filter is installed into the mail server, spam won’t have chance to begin with.

It is fair to conclude that anti spam software plays a very vital role in computer security, and to guarantee that only emails you are interested in enters your inbox. In order to eliminate the possibility of spam, the following features should be sought, among others:
• Use of preset filters and lists to block emails, specific addresses and the watching of subject lines.
• Automatic filter updating
• Spam isolation outside of inbox
• Automatically placing acceptable emails into safe lists
• The monitoring and filtering of numerous email accounts

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