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Catch All Floor Mats - Get the Facts on Catch All Floor Mats

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The Product and the Price

Catch-All floor mats have become something of a phenomenon recently. That’s right, floor mats have become a phenomenon. How could floor mats ever cause such a stir, you might ask? Here’s a full rundown on the product to see what all the fuss is about.

The first thing you will likely notice about these mats is the steep price. One site quotes them from $87.95 – 162.95. Yes, for floor mats. But still, that’s small potatoes compared to what some people drop on car accessories – usually ones that aren’t even functional. The question is, do Catch-All mats offer enough to justify the price tag?

Selling Points

One major selling point is that Catch-All floor mats are custom-built for every model of car. Well, as far back as 1980, anyway. They come in a wide variety of colors to match all the basic color schemes, too, so you can expect to find a product that will integrate flawlessly with your car. You can go online and order custom models for just about every make, model, and year of car that you could hope for.

The other main selling point of these floor mats is right in the name: they catch all of the dirt and debris that smaller mats can miss. On top of that, they tout that their “nibs” will keep the mats from ever slipping around on the floor.

But again, does it justify the price?

When considering this purchase, you must ask yourself: are your car’s floor mats (which are probably rolled up in a ball somewhere underneath the seats right now) annoying you to the point of spending $88? It is a worthy question, granted, but won’t be for everyone.

Customer Feedback

As for the quality of the actual product, let us look at real customer opinions to get the facts. And what better place to get real customer opinions than from online customer reviews? The web site “Auto Anything” is a leading distributor of Catch-All mats, and they offer a wealth of customer reviews from people who have actually bought these mats and put them to the test. In spite of being reviewed by over 1,000 people, it has incredibly high marks – a perfect 5.0 for both appearance and ease of installation, 4.5 for quality, and 4.0 for price/value. So it would seem that customers still felt a little pain in the pocketbook, but not enough to make them dissatisfied with the purchase.

Customer ratings like this are hard to come by, so it appears that Catch-All mats do have some substantial value for people who really love their cars. (Or just really hate bad floor mats). If you are one of these people, give them a try.

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