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Diablo 2 Item Editor - Diablo 2 Item Editor - Using the Editor, Binary Editor:, Property List Boxes:, Properties:, ‘Rune Words’:

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The Diablo 2 Item Editor is designed to enable Diablo gamers to load their characters and change any of their statistics. Given below are facts about Ultimate Diablo Item Editor 2, which is compatible with 1.10 Final Version of Diablo 2 and may also work with Version 1.09. The editor came out in 2003 and according to the maker there were many properties that remained to be fixed for 1.10.

The Diablo 2 editor functions in the same way as the game except the gamers can set their own values for variables. The files used by the editor are the same as the game, so if any changes are made to the game, the editor changes as well.

Also similar to the game is the ‘-direct’ command line switch which directs the editor to use files extracted to a local directory in the working directory. This makes it possible to test modifications with new items, sets, etc.

Using the Editor

The editing process involves loading the character that needs modification and right clicking and selecting ‘edit’ from the popup menu. The selected item appears in the item editor.

Binary Editor:

The software has a binary editor control for editing the actual data of the item. The bits are displayed in reverse order from normal notation to enable
an uninterrupted flow from one field to the other. Every field can be identified by its color; also, every section (property lists, item specific, basic) has its own set of colors.

Property List Boxes:

Diablo 2 item editor has many property lists to allow easy modification of items. Editors can select the list they want by using the menu displayed in the upper right section. A property can be obtained by left clicking it. By left clicking the item, the property will be applied to it. The changes that take place as a result depend on the selected property.


This button inserts the selection into the first property section of the item. This property section is available with all items except for Simple items, such as positions.

‘Rune Words’:

Except for the first property section, this option wipes the item down to a ’normal.’ Then, it sockets the item, inserts runes, and applies the right attributes for the runeword selected by the editor. However, if the correct type of item is not selected, Diablo 2 item editor resets the runeword to 0xFFFF ‘ITH.’ However, no changes take place in the properties.

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Diablo 2 Item Editor - Diablo 2 Item Editor - Using the Editor, Binary Editor:, Property List Boxes:, Properties:, ‘Rune Words’: