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Sexual Harassment Videos - ‘Prevent Sexual Harassment’ Videos: How helpful are they?

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It is quite common to find reports and news, about sexual harassment cases, in the newspapers and news websites. Generally, the discussion/news is in the context of sexual harassment cases that are under trial in courts or sexual harassment cases that involve famous personalities.

Also, there are a number of cases that involve sexual harassment at the workplace. In many instances, offenders plead innocence on the grounds of ignorance. However, it is well known that ignorance cannot be used as a plea in the court of law. Hence, it is imperative for everyone to understand the basic laws relating to sexual harassment.

This is where sexual harassment videos (for training) come in handy. Many organizations use such sexual harassment videos for training their employees and for making them aware about what is treated as sexual harassment and what is not. Most organizations have anti-sexual harassment policies in order to reinforce the point.

So, what should a typical ‘Prevention of sexual harassment video’ contain?

For training and awareness purposes, the sexual harassment videos should talk about what is construed as sexual harassment. Here are a few facts that should be highlighted:

  • Sexual harassment includes things like asking for sexual favors, unwarranted sexual advances, and any kind of physical or verbal conduct of sexual type. There are other rules associated with this, but broadly, this is what it is.
  • The victim and the offender could be of the same sex or opposite sex. That doesn’t make a difference.
  • The offender could be a co-worker (in any role) or a non-employee.
  • Economic injury (or other such effects) on the victim is not necessary to treat it as sexual harassment.
  • It is possible that the victim or the complainant is not the one who has been harassed; instead, the victim could have been offended by the misconduct of the offender.

The awareness videos on sexual harassment could also show scenarios and situations that portray sexual harassment. The focus should also be on highlighting things that are not common knowledge (or not considered as common knowledge).

Most employers make such training videos a part of their training program. So, all the new employees are made aware within a few days of their joining the organization. Smaller businesses, however, may not use sexual harassment videos for training; they generally go with documents/ simple-presentations for making their employees aware.

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