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4 Line Phone System - 4 line phone systems: What they are and how do they help?

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A four line phone system is a phone system that is especially designed with the capability to connect four telephone lines to one single phone. So, with a 4 line phone system you can put calls on hold while you take another incoming call. In essence, since you have 4 phone lines connected to your phone, you can actually receive four calls at the same time. Well, you wouldn’t really do that but this is a very useful feature – as we will see in just a moment.

Such 4-line phone systems are used extensively in small offices that have a small number of employees. Few people also deploy such phone systems in their homes but it’s primarily small businesses that use 4 line phones in their offices as an alternative to a full-fledged EPABX. And by doing this, these businesses save some money – as EPABX is costlier than a four-line phone.

While it might seem that four-line phones are used only by businesses that have a maximum of 4 employees, there are some businesses who work on shared-phone model. Such businesses provide one line access for two to four employees i.e. one extension is shared by two to four employees. A common model is to use 1-2 extensions for a cubicle that is occupied by four people. So, seating arrangements too can sometimes help reduce the requirement for number of lines. And you could also get a 4 line cordless phone if that meets your needs in a better way.

However, if all the employees receive phone calls frequently, then this model would not work and you would have to go for 1 line per employee. This is an assessment that every business has to make before going for a 4 line phone system. Also, it is worth mentioning here that you should plan your purchase (4-line phone system or EPABX etc) taking into consideration the fact that you would need to keep 1 line free at all times so that you can receive calls.

A four line phone system in an office would generally be supervised by a receptionist who would receive calls and put them through to the right person. The process is very simple and is also explained in the user manual that comes together with the phone. There are some phones that come with an auto-attendant too i.e. the caller is asked to key in the extension number of the person or some other information; and this information is used to route the call appropriately.

There are several features available on four line phone systems and you can choose the right phone based on the features you need. These phones are available from top manufactures of phone instruments e.g. AT&T and Panasonic. They also manufacture 4 line cordless phones, if that is what you need.

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