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Gbc Binding Machine - GBC Binding Machines: All that you need to know

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GBC is one of the brands of ACCO. The prime business of GBC is to sell products that help in binding, lamination and displaying information in various ways. GBC binding machines vary, but their basic purpose is to make it easy to bind reports and other documents together using plastic or metal binder rings, called combs or spines. GBC binding machines have a solid reputation for quality, and they are a popular option among businesses of all types. GBC binding machines run the gamut from simple, manual machines for infrequent or small binding jobs, all the way to large, automatic, high-capacity binders that are better suited for use a print or copy shop.

There are various types of GBC binding machines available in order to cater to the varied requirements of businesses and people. So, the feature set and the functions vary and accordingly the prices also vary (from a little under hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars). The two main differences relate to the type of binding (comb/spine), type of punch (manual/electric) and the number of pages that you can bind/ punch in one go. GBC binding machines also differ in terms of ease of operation – while some are easy to operate, the others are not as easy. However, all GBC binding machines come with a limited one year warranty.

Since there is a huge price difference across various models of GBC binding machines, it is very important that you carefully evaluate your requirements before you start looking to purchase a GBC binding machine. While evaluating your requirements, you should also consider the space constraints (besides the budget) because larger binding machines will need a separate place for themselves (just like printers). Budget and storage space are even more important considerations for small businesses and start-ups. The sheet sizes and electric/ manual punch will be another consideration. GBC Combind C55 is the simplest and the cheapest with 5-sheet manual punch and 90-sheet binding features.

Here it is also important to mention that some people consider just the monthly volume of binding requirements and base their purchase decision on this parameter. However, it is important to also consider the distribution of binding needs for the whole month (or quarter). For example, some businesses have all their binding needs aggregated towards the last 2-3 days of the month due to monthly or quarterly reports, while others might have a higher monthly volume but evenly distributed across the month. So, the former might need a more efficient binding machine than the latter. Similarly, the number of pages in each report will also influence the decision making. So, if you need to bind a large number of pages in one go, the C800 model of the GBC binding machine might be suitable for you since it can bind 425 pages in one go with an electric punch, and can handle all sizes of sheets (up to 12” wide).

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