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Aero Bed Raised - Raised Aero Beds - Aero Products Raised Aerobeds, Not the only bed in town

Convenient Comfort

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The idea of an inflatable mattress is not new. Everybody over the age of 40 can remember the thin, barely one person-sized air mattress used to keep their sleeping bag off the uncomfortable, uneven floor of an army green pup tent. The same mattress could also be used to float around the pool, where it would inevitably fold in half and drop its surprised occupant into the water.

Today’s modern air mattresses are made of much more durable material and inflate quickly with the use of an electric or battery-powered pump. The same pump can be used to deflate the mattress, pulling almost all of the air out of it so it can be easily rolled or folded up for storage. There are two kinds of inflatable beds; the thin style usually used for camping trips or cots, and thicker or “raised” mattresses intended for guest or permanent bed use.

Aero Products Raised Aerobeds

The manufacturer most people think of when they hear of a raised aero or “air” bed is Aero Products International, based in Chicago, Illinois. The company, a mainstay of TV infomercials, patented their quick inflate/deflate method in 1992. In 2001, they introduced a raised version of their highly popular Aerobed, giving consumers the option of an air bed with the same height of a conventional mattress.

Not the only bed in town

While Aero Product’s Aerobed is probably the most well-known of the aero mattresses, it has plenty of competition both in the raised and regular air mattress categories. Simmons (of traditional mattress fame), Intex, and Wal-Mart are among the many other companies that have introduced their version of the raised aero bed. Price doesn’t always dictate comfort; one Slate.com review ranked the $48 Wal-Mart bed very close with the most expensive (approximately $250) Aerobed in terms of comfort, ease of use and a good night’s sleep.

Thinking of buying a raised aero bed?

While most aero beds are going to be rather similar, there are a few considerations one should keep in mind while pondering their choices.

Expected Use. Raised aero beds are bulkier than air mattresses meant for camping and are best suited as guest or permanent beds. Check that the material is of sufficient thickness to withstand expected frequency and roughness of use; kids can find aero beds irresistible for bouncing. Pets also happen to find aero beds rather comfortable, so if the mattress will be left inflated in a home with Fido or Fluffy, ensure that it can withstand the occasional paw or claw.

Comfort. Nobody sleeps well when their aero bed sags under load. Good beds have air coils to provide support and many modern aero beds have adjustable firmness settings. See if you can try before you buy. If you can’t, be sure the store will accept the bed back if it proves to be an uncomfortable night’s sleep.

Capacity. Even a full-sized mattress can feel pretty cramped for a couple of large adults. King-sized aero beds are uncommon (and not a standard size outside of the U.S.), so the largest mattress typically available is a queen. While sheets are not mandatory (a couple blankets will do), they do make any bed feel more welcoming. If there’s already a queen-sized bed in the house, then those sheets can usually be used for a raised aero bed, avoiding an extra purchase.

Ease of set up/take down. One of the biggest selling points for any aero bed is how easy it is to inflate. This operation should always be almost a no-brainer; nobody wants to fiddle with an uncooperative pump at 1am after a day-long flight. The bed should also deflate quickly and completely so that it is easy to roll or fold up and store away.

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