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Danze Kitchen Faucet - Functional Home Trends: The Danze Kitchen Faucet Collection - Danze’s Insightful Design Focuses on Practical Concerns:

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Have you ever pulled your kitchen faucet loose or completely out of its setting trying to wash that cumbersome stockpot? Does your kitchen faucet leak wasting water? How many times have you wished for a sprayer on your kitchen faucet that really worked? Are you tired of wiping fingerprints off your kitchen faucet?

Kitchen faucets get heavy, punishing daily use, and if your sink is temporarily “out of order” for any reason, that spells disaster in most homes. Yet, many standard-issue kitchen faucets simply do not stand up to the test when trying to accommodate the average family’s multi-use kitchen sink. The right kind of faucet makes a difference in the quality of kitchen experience. Look for kitchen faucets that provide enough room for washing tall pots, squirmy babies, or oversized fruits and vegetables like pumpkins or watermelons.

Form, function, and durability are keys to choosing a kitchen faucet. Plumbing products manufacturer Danze takes this philosophical approach to the next level, and the results are impressive. Danze kitchen faucets are manufactured in China, and the company is a relative newcomer to the U.S. plumbing market; however, Danze kitchen faucets are making inroads in the American market with their functional, stylish, well-designed product offerings. This company understands how real families use their kitchen sink.

Danze’s Insightful Design Focuses on Practical Concerns:

  • In today’s economic climate, families are cooking more at home. This means the kitchen sink is getting more of a workout than ever in many homes. A quality, durable kitchen faucet is imperative.
  • Water is a precious resource not to be wasted. Even a little leak from a kitchen faucet is unacceptable, expensive, and wasteful.
  • The American population is aging as Baby Boomers hit their retirement years. How does an aging population impact kitchen faucet design? Picking up a heavy stockpot can be dangerous at any age. Spills, burns, and muscle strains are but a few of the potential hazards; yet often people risk injury for convenience in lieu of hauling water in smaller containers from kitchen sink to a stockpot on the stove. While this maneuver is unwieldy for anyone, it can be particularly hazardous for older folks. With its pot-filler option, a Danze kitchen faucet installed on the back of the stove makes filling a stockpot or canning pot easy and safe.
  • Food-borne illness and the spread of infection can start at the kitchen sink. More cooking at home means more people in the kitchen touching the kitchen faucet leaving germs or bacteria. Danze hands-free, auto-sensor kitchen faucet eliminates the need to touch the faucet, and that means less opportunity to spread dangerous bacteria and germs, less wasting of water, and fewer fingerprints to clean off the kitchen faucet.
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