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Free Vehicle Check - Is there really a Free Vehicle Check?

Deciphering What Is Truly Free

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If you are in the market for a previously owned vehicle, knowing the history of the car can alert you to issues or problems further down the road (no pun intended). Through the internet, shopping for a used automobile couldn’t be easier but evaluating its prior use with a free vehicle check is difficult. For the record, there is no such thing as a completely free and thorough vehicle check; however, there are ways to get valuable information about the automobile before purchasing a report. By deciphering the free information, you may determine the automobile is not for you, saving you the expense of a detailed report. While many websites claim the availability of a free vehicle check, none offer what is advertised. It is important to gain this information about the automobile you are viewing, because it can help determine a variety of potential problems and be a factor as to whether you decide to purchase the automobile or not.

CARFAX vehicular history is one of the most comprehensive reports available. By entering the VIN (Vehicular Identification Number), found usually on the front dash, driver’s side, you will receive access to a plethora of information in reference to the previously owned automobile. The report will tell you if there are title problems, if the car has been in an accident, and the ownership history. While CARFAX indicates that the report is a free vehicle check, when all is said and done, the important information has to be purchased. You can purchase 5 reports for $44.99. You will receive basic information about the car (make, model, year, etc). Some people can be deceptive about the year of the automobile, for example. Also, it gives an indication as to the number of records on file. Just by the abundance of records, there could be a red flag that the car has problems.

VIN Central offers a free vehicle check and gives more information than any other source. It does lead you to a purchase site for all available information, but you can determine if a complaint has been file and particular issues that might influence car performance. Many dealerships offer a free vehicle check but it is specific to the car they are selling. Remember, they have everything to gain from what is given to you. Be aware that you don’t end up buying a car with issues. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) offers a guide to a specific make, model, and year of vehicle that has defects or has been recalled. It does not ask for the VIN; therefore, particulars about the car you are interested in researching are not given. By setting up an account with Kelley Blue Book, you can receive very general stats about a car based on the VIN; then, you are directed to purchase a report through CARFAX.

Knowing the history of the previously viewed automobile you wish to purchase is essential. A complete free vehicle check is out of the question but potential problems can be revealed before you buy the detailed report. You just need to know where to look.

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