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Car Auctions Uk - Car Auctions UK: a Tale of Two Giants

bca live manheim found

Anyone familiar with the car auction scene in the UK can tell you the two biggest names in the area: Manheim Auctions and BCA (British Car Auctions).

The two companies are very well-established – to the point where they are almost identical. After any study of the two auction powerhouses, it becomes almost useless to point out which one is better or worse. Manheim Auctions reports about 500,000 auctions per year, whereas BCA reports just over 600,000. So in short, BCA is “Coke” to Manheim’s “Pepsi”. They both have elegant sites that allow buyers and sellers to come together on the internet, and they both have a significant number of live car auctions throughout the year.

So instead of asking which one is better, it would be more profitable to the wise-minded car buyer to become active in both – thus gaining access to double the database of available cars and live auctions. Chances are, if your dream car can’t be found in either of their massive databases, it won’t be found anywhere!

If you’ve never been a part of the excitement at a live auction, you should definitely consider attending one. It is here where great deals can be found, and the spirit of competition is tangible. Both Manheim and BCA have a list of “auction centres” online plus a schedule of live auctions. They are held all over the UK, so there is sure to be one in your area. Refer to their sites for details:

Manheim Car Auctions: http://www.manheim.co.uk/

BCA: http://www.british-car-auctions.co.uk/

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about 5 years ago

There are other large auction groups, such as Aston barclays. An important player with all the auction groups is Fairtradecars.net They are big buyers for the retail motor trade in the UK and Ireland. They have really good services for the private individual wishing to buy from auction or go with a professional. MM.