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Counter Strike Sprays - Counter strike sprays: Adding more fun to CS

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Counter Strike is a popular online multiplayer first-person shooter game. Counter Strike sprays have caught the fancy of game-lovers, and added a new innovative dimension to the popular video game Counter Strike. Add to that the fact that creating Counter Strike sprays is not rocket science and anyone can create his own sprays with ridiculous ease.

For the ones who believe in getting their sprays at the click of a button, all you need to do is visit one of the many websites that offer ready-to-download sprays and have them instantly on your machine. There are specific Counter Strike sprays for different versions of the game. So, all you Counter Strike lovers, set the ball rolling by accessing hundreds of wonderful Counter Strike sprays.

In case you want to prepare your own spray, there is just one fundamental requirement- an image. Yes, an image and you can roll it into a spray by using any of the software programs readily available online. There are some that are free of cost while a few of them may be charged for. You may need to run a search for some time, in order to lay your hands on the free ones.

Different versions of Counter Strike have varying limitations in terms of pixels and size of the image.Counter Strike 1.6, for example can accommodate a spray-image no more than 256 pixels in height and width.

Counter Strike spray software often provides step by step instructions to be followed and you will end up with a spray sooner and easily than you would have ever anticipated. Just upload the image in the software, choose your version of the game, and follow the instructions. You will be required to make your choices with respect to color combinations, image size, graphic effects, image angles etc. Just click on what you want.

Although you may need to use different software for different Counter Strike versions, the fact that they are so user-friendly and instructional makes it glaringly easy for the most humble users of technology to come up with their own sprays.

You can customize your counter strike sprays in a variety of ways with animation and transparency being the latest entrants. In fact, most software will allow you to save customized versions of a single spray. You can use any of the spray that you have saved.

Counter Strike sprays have given the game-lovers a new dimension to enhance their gaming experience. So get your sprays in place, it’s time to counter strike.

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