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Att Customer Service - AT&T Customer Service - AT&T Customer Service, The Rebirth of Ma Bell

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There’s bad news for AT&T customer service. A 2007 MSN Money-Zogby Poll showed that 26 percent of those who had an opinion about AT&T customer service rated it as poor, and it doesn’t seem as if things have changed much. Of course company executives say it’s clear to them people are happy with the service, but many indicators just don’t add up.

The Rebirth of Ma Bell

Over the years, AT&T has slowly put the old Ma Bell back together, buying up companies and creating one huge company that rivals the original Ma Bell that was broken up by the monopoly wars long ago. Of course this makes it seem like the company is doing well, but it seems that the quality of AT&T customer service seems to be dropping.

AT&T Customer Service Overall

One of the top complaints from people who try to deal with AT&T customer service is the quality of the call center. Calling into AT&T customer service reveals one of those very annoying automated system, and when you finally do find your way through all those options, a pretty long wait time.

AT&T Customer Service for Wireless

Many tech heads report that they’ve switched to the new Android phone instead of the iPhone for a number of reasons, and one of those reasons is often the quality of AT&T service. Many users report that they just can’t get a good 3G signal, which makes it difficult to use the internet. Of course you can imagine the customer service on a problem like this, which just can’t be solved without more AT&T towers everywhere.

AT&T Customer Service for DSL

Another big problem for AT&T customer service is the billing department. It’s not uncommon to hear stories about people who have cancelled their internet service, only to keep receiving a bill for it. Still others report that AT&T accidentally charged a disconnect fee to a customer who had actually decided to take her internet service with her to a new address. This same customer ended up being turned over to collections for non-payment after months of phone calls to AT&T customer service to get it straightened out. It turned out customer service couldn’t even issue a credit to the correct account. When they did finally, they gave it to the customer’s telephone account and turned the DSL account over to a collections agency.

More Statistics about AT&T Customer Service

There are plenty of other bad statistics for those still wondering about the quality of service from AT&T. FCC records show that AT&T Wireless had the most complaints out of all six of the country’s largest cell phone providers. Stock rating companies have downgraded the company’s debt to junk bond status, which is never a good th ing. Also J.D. Power measures customer care ratings, and it shows a declining trend for AT&T.

If you have problems dealing with AT&T customer service, you should lodge a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission.

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