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Pearland Homes For Sale - Searching for Pearland Homes for Sale - Older Pearland homes for sale, Pearland homes for sale in new neighborhoods

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Pearland, Texas is a suburb of Houston, and since it is statistically one of the fastest growing cities in the state, there are plenty of Pearland homes for sale. The city’s motto is “Where town meets country", and Pearland has certainly earned it by being the gateway between the city of Houston and the countryside of Texas. Many of the homes for sale in Pearland are new construction, although there are also a lot of older homes for sale. Usually the newer homes are grouped together in new neighborhoods, while the older homes are in other neighborhoods, although they are sometimes located right next to each other. Because of the large amount of new construction in Pearland, the easiest way for home buyers to sort out all of their choices is by dividing the homes into new construction and slightly older homes. However, it should be noted that older neighborhoods are not necessarily more than a few years old. In Pearland, the age of the homes and neighborhoods is all relative because of how rapidly the city is growing. Also Pearland borders Houston to the north, so home buyers who are looking for a home closer to Houston will want to look on the north side of the city.

Older Pearland homes for sale

One thing to remember about looking for older Pearland homes for sale is the fact that home buyers will typically get a much larger house for a smaller price. For example, many of the older Pearland homes for sale are priced below $200,000, and a lot of these homes have four or five bedrooms. Also these older homes may not be much more than eight or ten years old, so home buyers are getting a much better value by purchasing a slightly older home with a lot more space. It really just depends on whether the home buyer is set on purchasing a brand new home. Many four-bedroom homes that are just a few years older than the brand new homes are priced in the $170,000 to $190,000 range, and they tend to have about a thousand square feet more than the brand new homes.

Pearland homes for sale in new neighborhoods

The rapid pace at which Pearland is growing means a lot of brand new neighborhoods. The average price of a new home in Pearland is $245,000, and many of these new homes are standard three-bedroom homes with two bathrooms. Newly constructed homes that have more than three bedrooms typically start at $270,000, and there are even some six-bedroom homes that are priced very close to these four bedroom homes, so home buyers who look carefully may find a deal, even among newly constructed homes. There are brand new neighborhoods scattered throughout the Pearland area, so it is quite easy for home buyers to focus in on a side of the city they want to be in and still be able to find a brand new neighborhood with a home they like.

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