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Computer Engineer Salary - Find out about Your Salary as a Computer Engineer

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Computer Engineering salaries vary by specialty, location, experience, and amount of schooling, although the opportunities through 2012 for engineers, in general, are expected to be good. Specializations include hardware and software engineering positions.
Entry level salaries for hardware engineers are often significantly higher than B.S salaries in other fields. In 2009, B.S. in computer engineering candidates averaged $60,620 per year, M.S. in computer engineering averaged $70,110, and Ph.D’s averaged $89,360. A M.S. salary is comparable to 2-5 years experience in the workforce.

Entry level salaries for software engineers for those with a B.S. in computer engineering averaged $62,570, those with an M.S. averaged $68,130, and those with a Ph.D averaged $89,320. A master’s degree is comparable to 2-5 years experience in the workforce.
Computer engineering jobs in the city tend to pay around 10% more than jobs elsewhere, but the cost of living must be taken into account.

There is currently a trend for higher salaries for those with security clearance. Companies with contracts with the federal government such as SIGINT, COMINT, ELINT, C40SR, IMINT, MASINT, cryptanalysis, information assurance, cybersecurity, and database software show a rise of 11.6% compared with counterparts in the commercial sector for 2009. There is, however, a 225,000 person backlog in getting security clearances.

Salaries also increase depending on the size of the company. A senior engineer with a specialty of computer architecture and more than two years experience in a company of 50-250 people can expect a salary around $73,400. With the same specialty at a company of the size of 250-1000, the engineer can expect a salary around $75,561. A computer scientist with the same specialty can expect a salary around $80,414 for a large city company of 50-250. A computer scientist in a large city can expect a salary around $82,782 for a company of 250-1,000.

Among the top 10 fastest growing occupations in the United States between 2005 and 2012 include the specialties of network systems and data communications analysts with a 57% change in salary. Also, computer software engineers for applications are expected to grow at 46%, computer software engineers specializing in embedded & systems software at 45%, and database administrators at 44%. Those with jobs at public libraries have the lowest salaries with a national average of $37,500.

Contracting work is also becoming a fast growing area for computer scientists. Work is on a project by project basis and often pays a higher salary than full time work for a specific company. However, contracting work typically does not include health insurance, so options must be balanced. It often requires a higher number of hours than working for a specific company. However, there is a good chance of being hired by the client full time, if work is of good quality. Overall, despite a slow economy, computer engineering continues to grow in job availability.

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