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Grand Junction Home - Finding the Right Grand Junction Home - Shopping for a Grand Junction home by price

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Searching for the right Grand Junction home is certainly an adventure. Grand Junction, Colorado is the 15th largest city in Colorado, and it is located right along the Colorado Western Slope on the Colorado River. The name of the city comes from the junction made by the connection of the Colorado River and the Gunnison River. The main attraction in Grand Junction is the mountain biking, which makes a Grand Junction home the perfect choice for someone who is into extreme biking.

Shopping for a Grand Junction home by price

One thing that is immediately noticeable about Grand Junction is the fact that the prices of the homes vary quite widely. Some homes are as little as $160,000, while others can be priced at more than a half million dollars. The average price of a Grand Junction home is $209,900, and the difference in price depends mostly on the size of the home.

Grand Junction homes by age of the home

Another thing that is apparent about the Grand Junction housing market is the fact that no newly constructed homes have been sold recently. This indicates that the city is well established and not full of brand new neighborhoods with new homes that are just going up. However, even though the homes are established, there are plenty of homes that have had only one or two owners, so they are not houses that are extremely old. Many of the homes are only eight or ten years old.

Looking for a Grand Junction home by location

One other factor that plays an important part in selecting the right Grand Junction home is location. Although all of Grand Junction is located on the Colorado Western Slope, some of the homes are situated on top of peaks, which gives them breathtaking and unique views that no other home will have. This can drive up the price in some cases. Also some homes are situated on several acres, which can make a two-bedroom home worth more than half of a million dollars. There are quite a few empty lots available in the Grand Junction area, and the price of these empty lots varies as widely as the price of a Grand Junction home. Some lots are priced at less than $100,000, while others are priced closer to $400,000. Surprisingly, the difference in that price has to do entirely with location and not with the size of the lot. Downtown lots tend to be priced a lot higher than lots that are located in other parts of the city.

Dropping prices

The housing market in Grand Junction has been trending downward over the past several years, and many home sellers have drastically been reducing their prices, some by $20,000 or more. Any home buyer can certainly take advantage of these falling prices by looking for these deals. There are so many homes on the market in Grand Junction that people are having to sell for less than they would have five years ago, and that trend is likely to continue for some time, making Grand Junction truly a buyer’s market.

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