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Wedding Chapels Las Vegas - The Best Wedding Chapels in Las Vegas - The Chapel of the Flowers, Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel

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When it comes to wedding chapels, Las Vegas is the place to be. Couples can have pretty much any kind of wedding they want in Las Vegas, from the very exotic, to the traditional white wedding, and they can get that wedding in just a few hours. There are so many different wedding chapels in Las Vegas that it can be difficult to choose. On the other hand, if the wedding is a spur-of-the-moment thing, it may only be a matter of which Las Vegas wedding chapel is nearby. Either way, it helps to be educated on which are the best wedding chapels in Las Vegas.

The Chapel of the Flowers

In 2010, the Las Vegas Review Journal Poll voted the Chapel of Flowers the best wedding chapel in Vegas, so it is easy to see why this chapel tops our list. This wedding chapel specializes in traditional, non-Vegas weddings that can be celebrated right on the Vegas Strip. The grounds are beautiful, and they have everything from a waterfall and a picturesque bridge, to a gorgeous Glass Gardens wedding and reception area. Themes available at the Chapel of the Flowers include a yacht wedding at Lake Las Vegas, a wedding on the floor of the Grand Canyon, and more. Packages at the Chapel of the Flowers start at $195 to $495 for smaller, intimate weddings, up to $4,000 to $10,000 legendary weddings. Also available are elegant packages, which range from $595 to $1,995 and adventurous packages, which cost between $1,595 and $3,495.

Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel

Another award-winning chapel is the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, which won an award for Best of Nevada 2010. This chapel is perfect for the couple that definitely wants a themed Vegas wedding. The most popular package available at the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel is the Elvis Blue Hawaii package, which comes with a tropical set, hula girls, and incredible special effects. Other popular packages available here include the pirate wedding package and just about any kind of Elvis theme you can think of. The chapel also offers some traditional packages, although it specializes in Elvis-themed packages. Prices for packages at the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel range from $275 to $475 for a simple outdoor gazebo package to $777 for the Elvis Pink Caddy Package. There is also a deluxe package called the Ultimate Honeymoon, which is priced between $1,695 and $11,500. The Ultimate Honeymoon includes a stay at the chapel’s Puerto Vallarta vacation village in Mexico.

A Special Memory Wedding Chapel

Couples who want to experience a drive-thru wedding should check out A Special Memory Wedding Chapel. Many chapels in Las Vegas offer drive-thru weddings, but this chapel really makes them special with its Super-Sized Drive-thru wedding. This chapel’s drive-thru wedding facility has been shown in many films, and several stars have driven through it as well. The basic drive-thru wedding package at this chapel starts at $199, and the super-sized drive-thru wedding starts at $349. Traditional and Vegas-themed packages are also available at this chapel, starting at $199 and going up to $2,799, which is a Grand Canyon Ranch Helicopter Wedding.

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