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Lcd Stands Tv - The Best LCD stands for a TV - Wall-mounted LCD stands for TV, Traditional LCD stands for TV

television purchase bracket satellite

Purchasing a new LCD TV opens up a bold new world of images that could not be imagined while watching an older TV, and one of the best ways to display this new TV is by looking for LCD stands for the TV. There are a few different types of LCD stands for a TV, and the same style just will not work for every décor and furniture arrangement. Some LCD stands for a TV will allow you to mount the television on the wall, while others are more traditional stands that sit on the floor and hold the TV. It is important to consider all of the different LCD stands for TV before making a purchase.

Wall-mounted LCD stands for TV

Mounting an LCD TV on the wall is probably one of the most elegant ways to display it. LCD TVs are usually flat panel televisions, which means hanging them on the wall is much like hanging a very technologically advanced picture on the wall. Wall-mount LCD stands for TV are very minimalist in nature, although one bad thing about them is that they do not leave anywhere to put cable or satellite boxes, HD DVD players, or any other gadgets for the television. You may need to purchase a separate piece of furniture just for these items. The average price for a wall-mounted LCD stand is between $100 and $500, although there are one or two models that fall in the very cheap range (less than $100) and the extremely expensive range (over $1,000).

Traditional LCD stands for TV

People who have too many extra television gadgets will probably want to choose a more traditional LCD TV stand. This type of stand holds the television on top of it and usually has shelves underneath for the cable or satellite box and any other extras. A traditional TV stand can cost anywhere from $100 and up, depending on what the stand is made of and how sturdy it is. Solid wood stands can cost $1,000 or more.

Traditional LCD stands with a mount

One great way to have an LCD TV that looks like it is mounted on the wall without actually having to mount it on the wall is to purchase an LCD stand that has a bracket attached to it. These stands have the traditional TV stand that sits on the floor and holds everything that goes with the television, but there is a bracket for the television that is actually attached to the TV stand. This bracket lifts the TV up off of the stand and makes it look like it is mounted on the wall. This type of TV stand is called a pedestal stand. It is a great choice for people who worry about mounting an expensive LCD television on the wall. Pedestal TV stands cost between $200 and $1,000, depending on how complex they are and how many shelves they have.

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