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Create Your Own Shirt - How to Create Your Own Shirt

design using printing transfer

Shirts are the most popular way to express oneself, so it’s no wonder why so many people try to design their own. Brand name clothing companies only offer what they think will be the most profitable and it can be difficult to find the right shirt without designing it from scratch.

Creating a shirt can be as simple as one wants to make it. It all depends on the expected quality of the shirt. Purchasing iron-on transfer paper, printing a design and ironing it onto a shirt takes only minutes, but the design will fade and peel with each washing. It is important to decide what level of quality the shirt will be before proceeding in making it.

The first step is to create or pick a design that is expressive. Clip art and other images are freely available online and anyone with experience manipulating vector graphics can easily create their own logo with photo editing software.

The next step is to actually apply the design to the shirt. Before printing, try the shirt on to make sure it is a comfortable fit. There are multiple ways of applying the design to the shirt. These ways include using a heat press, silk screening, taking the design to a printing shop or using a custom shirt website such as Cafe Press. Each of these have their own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s look at some of these below.

Heat pressing shirts involves using fabric or transfer paper to hold a design and using steam or hot air combined with pressure to transfer the design to a shirt. This process is relatively simple and fast to perform, but some types of transfer paper can peel if the shirt is not taken care of properly.

Silk screening is a stencil method of printing that uses fabric pressed on a shirt to hold the design while ink is pressed through it. Other areas of the shirt are covered with an impermeable substance so ink cannot transfer. While this process can make well-detailed designs, it is expensive and usually only found in printing shops.

Using a custom shirt website is probably the most simple option available to custom shirt makers. After visiting a site, the only steps required are to create an account, upload a design, place the design on the desired portion of the shirt in the ordering screen and ordering it. The downside is that it takes time to ship the shirt, as well as costs involved.

Creating a custom shirt can be done in a multitude of ways, some being done for a few dollars at home, while others involving a complicated process best performed by professional printers. It’s up to each person to choose how they would like this process to take place.

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