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2 Line Answering Machine - Why You May Need a 2 Line Answering Machine

phone messages separate lines

For many people, having to deal with two different phone lines is a fact of life. Some have home-based businesses and have separate phone lines for their personal and business phone calls. In a small or medium-sized business, there may be separate phone lines for the business owner and the rest of the staff. A home may also choose to have one phone line for the parents and a separate one for the children. Many people who manage two separate phone lines have two different answering machines, one for each line. This setup causes a number of unnecessary complications – users have to check two different machines for messages, keep up with separate systems for writing down messages, and potentially miss important messages because they were on a different machine than the one that was checked.

Fortunately, there are solutions to this problem. A number of respected telephone system manufacturers produce 2 line answering machines to help consolidate phone messages in one location. With a typical 2 line answering machine, features include the ability to listen to messages from just one phone line or to combine them into one thread of messages arranged chronologically. Like many answering machines, a 2 line answering machine can also save messages once they have been listened to, but these machines have the ability to save each message in a separate file for each phone line, or a common file used by both lines. Many of these systems also have the ability to serve as a speakerphone for each line, giving the user the ability to put one phone line on hold while answering the other one.

For anyone who has struggled with keeping up with telephone messages from two different answering machines, a 2 line answering machine solves many of the problems you may face managing these systems. When your situation calls for two separate telephone lines, it also calls for a 2 line answering machine.

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