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Michael Thurmond Body Makeover - The Michael Thurmond Body Makeover: A Body Transformation System

michael thurmond makeover

Beginning a diet and exercise plan can be difficult. Many people find that they are locking both the motivation and a place to start. This is why many people turn to specific diet and exercise plans, like the Michael Thurmond Body Makeover. The Micheal Thurmond Body Makeover is a six week system that supplies followers with specially designed workouts, along with the motivation to get in shape and truly transform their body.

The Michael Thurmond Body Makeover: What Is It?

The Michael Thurmond Body Makeover is a system specially designed to help followers lose weight, while toning and sculpting their bodies. This system is composed of an 18-minute exercise routine that promises to sculpt the body by stimulating fat loss and toning the muscles. This 18-minute routine is customized to specifically target a customer’s “problem areas”, so that they get the most beneficial workout possible.

In addition, The Michael Thurmond makeover system also includes a customized eating plan. This plan is customized to help an individual lose weight, based on their preferences, weight loss needs, and body composition. The provided eating plan, combined with the 18-minutes exercise routine, promises to help the body shed fat by naturally increasing the metabolism.

When the Michael Thurmond Body Makeover is carefully followed for six weeks, it promises to deliver a complete body makeover. This makeover is due to the weight loss caused by the system, the increased fitness of the customer, an increased metabolism, and a more toned, sculpted body.

The Michael Thurmond Body Makeover supplies customers with a variety of resources to help them meet their goals. These resources include a customized eating plan, recipes that correspond with the customized eating plan, customized 18-minute workouts, a “Living Lean Program” to help followers stay on track, and motivational and educational audio disks. In addition, customers can also gain motivation through a Motivation and Support Community, that can be accessed online and may be used to asked questions, gain insight, or find support and motivation.

Micheal Thurmond Makeover System: Does It Work?

While the results of the program will vary from individual to individual, the program is backed by a money-back guarantee. The six-week program is currently priced at $119.94, plus an additional, $19.99 for shipping, which will cost a customer a total of $139.93. However, the program promises to deliver a weight loss of up to thirty pounds if followed correctly. If a customer is displeased with the program, he or she has up to eight weeks to return the program for a complete refund of the purchase price, not including the shipping and handling. This allows customers to try the system and evaluate it’s effectiveness, while enjoying a money-back guarantee.

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