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Cheap Printer Cartridge - How To Buy A Cheap Printer Cartridge

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Although a printer can be a valuable tool for your home or business, keeping your printer filled with ink can get quite expensive. Whether you need to keep your business operating costs low or just want to stay within a tight family budget, there are several ways you can get cheap cartridge ink for your printer.

Some national drugstore chains can refill your existing printer cartridges. These refills are usually significantly less expensive than purchasing a new cartridge. Additionally, because you are not purchasing a brand new printer cartridge but are refilling your old one, you will be helping the environment. At stores that offer this service, you simply drop your color or black ink cartridge off at the counter. You can either wait in the store for them to refill it or you can pick the ink up at a later time. Sometimes, an older cartridge will not work properly after the refilling process. However, the store will test the cartridge for you. If it does not work correctly, you will not need to pay for the refilling. Ink refills can save you about fifty percent of your normal ink costs. This is an easy way to get cheap cartridge ink.

Another way to get printer ink for cheap is to see if your local office supply store offers any incentives for returning your empty cartridge. Some major office supply retailers offer customers a few dollars off their next ink purchase if they drop off their old cartridge off so that it can be recycled. This keeps old ink cartridges out of landfills and helps keep a couple extra bucks in your pocket.

If the recycling discount is not enough, you can get cheap ink for your printer by buying generic ink cartridges. Before you go to the store or start shopping online, write down your printer’s model number. Look for generic ink cartridges that specifically say that they are compatible with your printer. Generic ink is much cheaper than the name brand ink sold by your printer manufacturer. Usually, there is little difference in the quality of the ink. If you are not satisfied with the results of one generic cartridge, try another brand. If you can find a brand you like, you could save a significant amount on your ink.

Finally, if you use a lot of ink, you might want to consider buying your ink in bulk. This is another way to get a cheap printer cartridge. You can get printer cartridges for cheap if you buy them in large quantities. This is a great idea for a business or a family that uses a great deal of ink. You will save money and have the ink you need right on hand.

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