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Rubber Stamps Crafts - Creating Unique Crafts with Rubber Stamps

rubber stamps craft creative stamp ideas

In the past, rubber stamps were mostly used in commerce to officially mark mail, invoices, tickets, and other business papers. Today, however, their usage has expanded to the world of arts and crafts. Rubber stamps are an essential supply for most craft enthusiasts, and they are now available in a vast array of designs and sizes, portraying objects, animals, people, words, patterns, and more.

Creative Stamp Ideas

Paper Crafts:
Rubber stamps art best known for their use in paper decorating crafts. They can be used to embellish and add appeal to scrapbooks, photo albums, greeting cards, and bookmarks. They add unique touches to place cards for special meals and receptions, handmade stationary and recipe cards, or personal notebooks and journals. With paper, most types of ink can be used freely.

Fabric and Clothing:
Some rubber stamps are ideal for cloth craft projects. For example, a bold maple leaf design and orange, yellow, and red paint could be used to make a thanksgiving tablecloth or to embellish napkins. When stamping on fabric, it is best to use clear, simple designs. Small, ornate patterns tend to bleed into the cloth, and do not come out as beautifully as they would on a paper surface. Also, be sure to use fabric paints and inks that are specified for use on cloth and always pre-wash the fabric before beginning.

Wooden objects are very popular as rubber stamp crafts. Some examples include recipe boxes, photo frames, and even wood furniture. If a coat of varnish will be applied over the stamp, use an ink that will not bleed or apply an acrylic spray instead to prevent the design from rubbing off or fading. Always test the design on a piece of scrap wood before starting the actual project to see how the ink and paint will work together. If unfinished wood is used, sand the surface thoroughly before beginning.

General Tips
-Always practice before stamping on a surface. This will ensure a clean, even design on the final product.
-Stamped designs that may come into contact with water should be laminated or coated with some kind of decoupage finish so that they can be wiped clean when needed.
-Rubber stamp crafts are most effectively combined with other art forms. For example, a calligrapher might use a border stamp to frame a creation or a decorative letter to make the first word stand out. A handmade stamped greeting card will be more appealing with a ribbon attached or decorated with colored pencil.
-Have fun, and remember that virtually any surface can be a canvass for stamp art.

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