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Da Vinci Crib - Features of the Da Vinci Crib

da vinci cribs davinci baby crib convertible design safety and convenience aesthetic appeal

When a baby is anticipated, parents often go a bit crazy buying the layette and nursery supplies. While not all of this gear is absolutely essential, there are some things that you definitely need to have on-hand. For example, your baby will sleep a good part of their early life, meaning a safe and comfortable place to lay his head will be important. The good news for discerning parents is that the Da Vinci crib offers many features that makes this brand stand out. Da Vinci cribs are designed carefully to accommodate not only infants, but to stay useful as your baby grows. Here are just a few features of the Da Vinci baby crib that parents find appealing.

Convertible Design

This is one of the main selling features of Da Vinci cribs. Instead of being a piece of furniture that your child can quickly outgrow, creating the need to purchase subsequent pieces as your child gets get bigger, the Da Vinci crib is actually carefully engineered to adjust and change as your child grows. Once a crib is no longer needed and your baby is old enough to sleep in a toddler bed, the Da Vinci baby crib actually comes easily apart and can be reconfigured into a toddler bed with side rails for safety. Even when that stage is over, the crib isn’t obsolete. The front rails can be removed, making the crib a youth bed. This, of course, makes it much more economical.

Safety and Convenience

Of course, nothing that comes into contact with your baby is acceptable unless there are at least basic safety features that ensure that you and your little one will sleep soundly. Unlike many other brands, the Da Vinci crib features many safety features that aren’t standard. For example, instead of having moving parts that can pinch or otherwise injure a baby, the Da Vinci baby crib is put together tightly, with nothing that is moving or adjustable. The mattress itself can be raised or lowered, but the side rails stay stable always. The innovative design, however, still allow parents easy access to lay down or pick their bundle of joy.

Aesthetic Appeal

Another feature that makes the Da Vinci crib so favored by discerning parents is how nice the crib is to look at. Of course, things like price, design and safety would probably get higher marks, but how the crib blends into the nursery is also important. Da Vinci cribs have an almost sleigh-bed like appeal, with soft curves. Each model also comes in several different finishes, from white to various types of wood, including cherry. There are also several different models to choose from, making it easier to find the perfect fit for your home.

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