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Murray Mower Parts - Finding Murray Lawn Mower Parts

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Murray lawn mowers, now a subsidiary of Briggs and Stratton, is a quality manufacturer of both riding and walk-behind lawn mowing equipment. Since Murray mowers are tied with Briggs and Stratton, finding parts for their products is relatively easy with a little knowledge of where to look.

The first thing to do is to identify the part and find its part number. To achieve this, it is best to have the service manual for the machine under repair. Shop manuals can be purchased from licensed Murray dealers or can be found online for free at www.murray.com so long as the serial number is handy. In Murray shop manuals, the exploded view diagram will show all the parts in correspondence to where they belong. Once the part has been compared to this diagram, the part number can be found by looking at the references on the diagram and by using the indexing system in the manual. Regardless of where the manual has been found, make absolutely sure that the manual was printed for the specific make and model of machine. Otherwise, incorrect parts could be ordered.

Once the correct part number has been ascertained, it can be relayed to a local Murray dealer to determine if it is in stock. Locations of these local dealers can be found on the same website where the manuals are. If not already in stock, the dealer will also have the capability of ordering the part or parts for pickup. Once the shipment arrives or if the part is in stock, the dealer will be able to provide the parts over-the-counter.

In locales where no dealer exists or where pickup is impossible, parts can be ordered online via Briggs and Stratton. It is simply a matter of searching for the appropriate part number, verifying the part is for the correct make and model, and using a credit card to place the order. The parts will arrive at the shipping address in a matter of days and will be ready to be installed. Furthermore, official channels can be bypassed by ordering parts directly from other Murray mower owners though online auction sites or stores. This method is inherently high-risk and is not recommended; however it is sometimes the only way to acquire parts for some older discontinued models.

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over 7 years ago

I have a twenty inch walk behind mower that has a problem running smoothly. I lopes while running and uses twice the gas it did. Is it the governor, or spring on th governor?


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about 7 years ago

You better hope it was made after February 2005, otherwise, good luck finding a manual for it.