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Iron Mountain Daily News - About The Iron Mountain Daily News

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There are many great newspapers across the nation. While many have come and gone, there are still a number of popular local newspapers that have lasted many years due to the support of their residents. One such newspaper is the Iron Mountain Daily News. Based out of Iron Mountain, Michigan, this newspaper is a publication that has been able to withstand the test of time, being in existence since 1921.

The Daily News, as it is now known, was originally titled “The Iron Mountain News” and was created by Frank J. Russell, who was the publisher of “The Marquette Mining Journal”. Other newspapers, such as “The Capital Times”, “The Tribune-Gazette” and the “Iron Mountain Press”, did not have the success that was needed to stay in business, but The Daily News is still around almost 90 years later. The newspaper is now owned by Ogden Newspapers, Inc. in Michigan.

This paper has always been especially mindful of its residents, and even today offers a variety of contests and money saving coupons in their publication. It includes what is known as a “Daily Reader Reward Coupon”, which is equal to or more than the amount paid for the paper. They also have what is known as the “Daily News Shopping Network”, which presents local consumers with special savings at local retailers. Each week the newspaper features hundreds of dollars in valuable grocery store coupons as well.

The Iron Mountain Daily News also has what is known as a “Daily News Bonus Plus Card”, which gives subscribers discounts on items that are purchased on a regular basis. The card can be used time and time again for regular savings. The contests offered by this newspaper also give readers a chance to win cash prizes, sometimes even up to five thousand dollars.

While the newspaper is known for its coverage of happenings in the local community and the state of Michigan, they also feature international news stories as well. Categories that you will find in The Daily News include:
*Local News
*Local Classifieds

The paper also has on online presence that includes blogs, photo galleries, and local video news. It also includes special sections such as Book Reviews and “Forests Forever 2010”. The online version also features crossword puzzles, a dining guide, and more. There are five newspapers that are affiliates of The Iron Mountain Daily News: The Daily Press, Mining Gazette, The Mining Journal, The Alpena News, and UP Business Today.

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