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Black Area Rug - How to Create Your Room Decor Around a Black Area Rug

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There are many ways to create a room design. A large black rug is like a blank canvas from which to express your creative ideas. Because of the versatility of black, it can be successfully included in any room of a home. It can also enhance a patio or outdoor living area.

Obviously, the sleek sophistication of black makes it an excellent choice of rug color for a modern style living or dining area. The versatility of black makes it equally stunning under a traditional style dining table or as a focal point in a contemporary living room. Someone with eclectic design style could let their imagination go wild once they cover an uninteresting floor with the endless possibilities that a black rug offers.

A black leather shag area rug would add sophistication to a living area or bedroom. A thick, plush shag made of olefin would feel absolutely wonderful to your feet when you get out of bed each morning. Braided rugs are a popular choice of area rug to include in any room. A solid black braided area rug commands attention. It simply does not fade into the background of a room. Braided rugs work well under a dining table or as the center point for a furniture grouping in the living room. A thick, fleece-like area rug in varying shades of charcoal would be a nice addition to a family room. It would be a good rug to toss some floor pillows on and enjoy a movie.

Black may not be the first color that comes to mind when contemplating nursery decor, but it is a color that should not be ruled out. Texture as well as color helps create the atmosphere in a room. A hand woven, polyester and cotton area rug is ultra soft and fuzzy. That makes it an ideal texture for a nursery. Muted shades of charcoal, gray, and ebony can be combined with certain shades of blue, rose, or lavender to create the soothing atmosphere for a nursery.

When contemplating themes for a room, start by placing a large black rug on the floor. From there you can create a bedroom with an exotic, African safari theme or a bedroom with regal silver and purple accent colors. In a dining room you could choose a retro theme and add bold red, bright yellow, or chartreuse green to give the room a nostalgic 1950’s diner atmosphere. Or, you go go with a more modern, simplistic black and white design. Building on the color black in a family room allows you many opportunities to develop a theme. Once again you could add animal prints. To create a unique, fun design , the black rug could be used to unify a furniture grouping of brilliantly upholstered furniture.

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