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Inkjet Cd Printer - The Benefits of Using an Inket CD Printer

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With the advent of CD burning came somewhat of a mixed blessing for consumers and musicians alike. On one hand, the ability to burn a CD of your favorite music revolutionized the way we consume media. However, with this came a wave of sub-par, blank looking discs with nothing but writing (if anything) on them. In terms of organization, burned CDs were viewed by many as a nightmare. Fortunately, in the time since CD burners became popular mainstays, companies have made quite a few strides in attempting to allow users to take label-making into their own hands. The cream of the crop for home labeling systems these days is the inkjet CD printer.

When home labeling first hit the market, it consisted of printing directly to a template with an adhesive backing, which would be placed on the face of the CD. While in principle this seemed like a good idea, consistent use proved that the heat and speed of the CD player would eventually cause the label to bubble up and become dislodged, which could even render the disc unplayable. Clearly, there had to have been a better way.

Enter the CD inkjet printer. While in the past labels were applied to a CD, an inkjet printer CD is far more versatile, as the printer prints directly to the face of the CD. No longer does one need to worry about adhesives or paper, as the ink is applied directly to the disc. This technology has been met with applause by musicians who sell their music and general consumers alike. An inkjet CD printer can range from being relatively inexpensive to costing quite a bit, so buyer beware. If one is only interested in a basic, adequate print job for their CDs, an inexpensive printer is likely all that is necessary. Those looking for a higher-quality, studio-type production may want to research more expensive printing options.

Don’t continue to use old technology that does more harm than good. By utilizing an inkjet CD printer, you can maximize your enjoyment of music and music production.

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