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Toddler Bed Furniture - What to Look for in Toddler Beds and Furniture

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The morning you walk in the nursery and find your toddler happily dangling from the top rung of the crib, ready to leap and make her escape to the floor, is the day you know you need to make some furniture changes! Time to move up to a toddler bed and furniture for your adventurous little one! Choosing toddler beds and furniture is just as important as choosing that first crib was and you will be looking for three things: safety, functionality, and cost.

Safety first, of course. Toddler beds can range from a convertible crib to a regular size mattress, from a clever bed shaped like a car or boat to a standard twin. With any design, whether creative or conventional, you must review safety concerns. These include: how will you keep your toddler from falling; what materials are used in the bed frame and bedding; and are there any sharp edges, choking or entrapment hazards? Although reputable manufacturers make every effort to ensure safety, you know your child best and you are the best safety checker of all. For a restless sleeper, you may want to make sure the toddler bed has side rails; or for a “sleeps like a log” little one, a single mattress low to the ground may be enough to ensure against falls. Your tot may dearly want a firetruck bed, but if they are a wanderer or sleepwalker, something larger and with fewer features may be best. And no toddler bed or furniture should ever carry a risk of physical injury.

Second, as you shop for a toddler bed and furniture, you want to look for something functional and easy to use. You may not keep a specially designed toddler bed or furniture piece for more than a year or two, but you still want to be able to get a lot of use out of it. A chest of drawers with narrow drawers and too little storage space will disappoint. A play chest that cannot accommodate favorite large toys is not especially useful. A bookshelf without adjustable shelves to fit those oversize coloring books and puzzles that your growing tot will start to love will have a short useful life and is a poor investment. Look for versatile pieces that meet your needs.

Finally, cost is a serious consideration. No matter what style toddler bed or furniture you choose, it is impractical to pay top prices, because the life of speciality furniture is naturally limited. You want to strike the balance between quality and economy whenever you shop for something that a child will quickly outgrow. Comparison shopping, online and in brick and mortar stores, is your best protection when it comes to achieving that price/quality balance.

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