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Vanity Fair Bra - How to Pick the Perfect Vanity Fair Bra

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Women today want choices when it comes to intimate apparel. Whether it is bras, panties, or any other kind of lingerie, women want to be able to select a piece of intimate apparel that is sexy and beautiful. Women also need intimate apparel that is very comfortable to wear. Especially when it comes to bras, finding underwear that is comfortable all day long is often a challenge. Women seeking a comfortable fitting bra should look to a Vanity Fair bra. Vanity Fair makes a wide range of bras that will satisfy every shape and style of woman. This guide will help you to pick out the perfect Vanity Fair bra.

The first thing to determine is what kind of figure you have. Be honest with yourself. It is necessary to pick a bra that is made for your body type in order for it to fit comfortably. If you are a thinner woman and fool yourself into thinking you are full figured, then you will not look or feel right in your bra. Likewise, if you are full figured but try and squeeze into a smaller bra, then you will feel discomfort every time you wear that bra.

Once you decide if you are an average or full figured woman, then you are ready to select a bra. For average and full figured women, Vanity Fair bras come in four main styles. Their Beautiful Figure Elegance Full Figure Contour model is designed to give a lift to the breasts all day long, while providing maximum comfort as well. This is the most popular model of Vanity Fair bra.

The Beautiful Benefits Enchanted Lace model is designed to be a little sexier. It also features an underwire and full cups for maximum support.

If you want your back to look just as good as your front while wearing a bra, then select the Beautiful Benefits Contour Back Smoother. It has been designed with special microfiber wings to wrap around the back and provide a sleek look all over.

Some women find it very difficult to find a bra that will give them the support they need. For these women Vanity Fair created the Beautiful Benefits Contour Superior Support model. This provides better support than any other bra available, but it doesn’t add any bulk.

Whether you are large or small, want something plain or sexy, Vanity Fair bras are sure to give you what you desire.

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