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National Geographic For Kids - The Ideal Place for Kids, National Geographic

kids national geographic

The National Geographic Society was formed in 1888 by a group of explorers who wanted to encourage the diffusion of geographical knowledge and preserve unique cultures around the world. Ever since the society was founded, its world-famous magazine has been bringing informative articles and spellbinding photos into the homes of millions of people. In 1975, National Geographic began publishing a magazine designed especially for children and young adults. It was called “National Geographic World,” though the name has since been changed to “National Geographic Kids,” and marked a major shift in the organization’s approach to education. Today the magazine boasts more than 1 million subscribers and is published in 19 languages.

In order to make it better suited for kids, National Geographic designs every issue of the magazine to include games and educational activities, instructions for experiments and projects that kids can do at home, and informative articles, written in a more accessible style, tackling the same sorts of issues that the original version of the magazine covers. Reading the magazine is a fun and engaging way for children and young adults to learn about science, the natural world, and environmental problems from an early age. National Geographic Kids regularly includes such features as: Amazing Animals, full-color photos and information about wild animals; Fun Stuff, hands-on activities and games that help kids learn about science; Weird But True, a place to learn interesting facts; Cool Inventions, new technology, great ideas, and how they work; and even a comic strip called “Unleashed.” With its steady variety of engaging material and well researched, informative articles, National Geographic Kids has become an indispensible addition to classrooms, libraries, and living rooms around the world.

In addition to the magazine, National Geographic also produces a website just for kids. The website is not simply an extension of the magazine, but a separate operation with many unique features. The site includes entertaining video clips, educational Flash games, and information about current events. The site adds new content daily, making it much more dynamic and up to date than the print magazine, while still managing to provide worthwhile material for young minds.

The National Geographic Society’s dedication to educating kids and young adults does not stop with its publications. The organization sponsors a variety of programs aimed at improving the quality of education available around the world. Their Giant Traveling Maps program travels to schools with a room-sized world map that they use to teach kids about world geography. Meanwhile, the National Geographic Bee, held every year in schools across the United States, encourages kids to learn about the world by turning geography into a friendly competition. Both programs have shown remarkable success with increasing the average grade-school student’s knowledge of world issues and current events. Finally, the National Geographic Live program, which sends well-qualified public speakers to events around the world, provides numerous ways for teachers to get their students involved, inevitably resulting in thousands of unforgettable learning experiences for young students. Parents and Educators can find plenty of information on their website or by contacting the National Geographic Society directly.

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