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Best Virus Software - Finding the best virus software for your computer

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Every computer gets hit with viruses and a multitude of other computer infections such as worms, trojans, and spyware. Each one puts your files and personal information either up for grabs to the owner of the virus or to the highest bidder. It can be exhausting and expensive to protect your computer. Setting up firewalls can do only so much, and with computer hackers constantly working on newer and more sophisticated viruses, eventually something will get through. When it does, you need to make sure that you have the best virus software possible to detect and destroy the threat.

Finding the best virus software online is both incredibly simple and extremely difficult. Any simple web search will bring up a multitude of virus scanning software. However, if the company is not reputable, the program itself may turn out to be either a virus or a type of spyware, which is a program that reads information and actions by the user and reports them back to the original spyware domain. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that the company is well known and respected. Read customer testimonials and expert reviews. Most computing websites, magazines, and blogs will review the most popular programs and come to a conclusion on what they believe is the best virus software available.

The top companies to purchase virus software from are McAfee, Symantec, and Norton. They are available nearly anywhere and are sold just as any other computer program. You can either purchase the new versions annually from a store or online. Nearly all programs require a subscription fee as well for a year; after which you may renew or cancel. Unless you are adamant about not giving out your credit card over the Internet, I recommend purchasing the software online through the company’s website. However, before purchasing directly from the manufacturer, shop around at a few third party retailers to compare prices. Many times they have temporary sales or are able to discount the software much lower than the company is willing to. Also, by purchasing from online retailers you can include discount coupon codes on the order to take even more money off the total.

Before even looking to purchase an anti-virus software, check to see if your Internet provider has an official program that it can offer. Many companies offer what they feel is the best virus software to their subscribers at little to no cost at all. For example, Comcast offers the Norton anti-virus software to any subscribers to its Internet package.

As a word of caution, even the best virus software can’t do anything to protect your computer if you either don’t regularly update it or don’t scan on at least a monthly basis.

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