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Calling Cards To India - How To Save Money On Your Next Phone Bill With Calling Cards To India

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Living a far distance from family or friends can be difficult. This can be especially difficult if you are not residing in the same country, or even the same continent. While technology makes it easier than ever to stay in touch, a simple phone call to a long-distance friend or relative is one of the best ways to stay in touch. Unfortunately, international calls can be extremely costly and expensive. This is why, if you have a loved one in a different country, like India, calling cards to India can make all the difference on your next phone bill.

How Much Do Calling Cards To India Generally Cost?

Depending on the company from which you purchased the calling card, calling cards designed for phone calls made to India generally cost from one cent to almost two cents per minute. Keep in mind that many of these cards feature certain fees and specific terms that make them a bit more costly than they advertise. These fees include, but are not limited to, additional costs for using the card on weekends, fees for using the card at other specified times, and rounding the number of minutes used on phone calls to fit into a predetermined time increment. For example, a calling card may track phone calls in five minute increments. Therefore, if a phone call only lasts for two minutes, five minutes will still be taken off of the calling card.

Will I Save Money By Using Calling Cards To India Instead Of My Regular Phone Plan?

Calling cards to India will certainly save users money on their phone bills if they do not have a low-cost international calling plan. Most phone service providers charge very high fees per minute for international calls. For example, the popular mobile phone carrier, T-Mobile, charges customers $2.99 per minute for calls made to India. However, this price does not include additional long distance charges or local charges. While these prices are extremely high, they are not at all uncommon. Most other phone service providers charge very similar prices for international phone calls. These high prices can easily add up to a phone bill that totals hundred of dollars. Therefore, if a customer does not have an international calling plan, they absolutely should purchase a calling card before placing phone calls to India.

How To Use Calling Cards To India

Using a calling card is very simple. Calling cards come with a toll free number that is used to access their network. Simply call that number and enter in your PIN, or personal identification number, that has been provided to you when prompted. Then enter the country code, followed by the phone number that you are trying to reach. Additionally, this information will be clearly stated in the directions that are supplied with the card, which makes the overall use of the card relatively easy, as well as affordable.

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