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Wall Mount Fans

cool heat warranty lot

Wall mount fans are a terrific solution to rooms with inadequate air conditioning during the warm summer months. With no cords to trip over, its out of the way design makes for easy installation and easy use. Most wall mount fans mount with one or two screws, and the fan stays put all year for when you need it. Most models come with the typical features that you would expect from floor fans or fans mounted on stands, like oscillation and three speed configurations. Lasko is a brand of both stand fans and wall mount fans, and these are of a durable quality and can be found at Walmart and most stores everywhere. They require no tools to assemble, and are designed to be used out of the box in minutes. This way, when the heat becomes unbearable, you can go out and straight away use your fan almost as soon as you bring it home. You’ll be glad for this when it heats up inside the house. It is usually desirable to let the fan run for a few hours initially to cool down the temperature of the room. Offices and businesses use these kinds of fans, too, to cut down on cooling costs for their companies. Most wall mount fans come with a decent warranty, from a ninety day warranty to a two year warranty, depending upon the brand and model.

There is a lot to be said for having a couple of these fans on hand for those days when it’s just unbearably hot. Depending on where you live, those days could be few and far between, but in most states, there are times when you just need that extra circulation of the air to keep you cool, especially if you have a room with poor insulation. Considering the average price of these fans at less than fifty dollars each, there is no excuse, no rhyme nor reason not to have one. A lot of people have found that having one or more of these wall mount fans has a considerable part to play in lowering their electric bill yearly. In today’s tough economy, pinching pennies in any way you can is a smart thing to do, and this will help you to reach your financial goals and eliminate debt sooner while still keeping the house cool when the heat and humidity begin to skyrocket. A lot happens when it heats up, from things wearing out due to high humidity to heat stroke if you work outside. It is well worth the hundred dollars or less to invest in a couple of these wall mount fans for the house or office. If you own a business, write it off for tax purposes as a business expense. Stay cool this summer with a wall mount fan or two.

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