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First Alert Carbon Monoxide Detector - Shopping for the First Alert carbon monoxide detector and placing it in your home

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Carbon monoxide is the silent killer. If unattended to, or more importantly, if you’re unaware of a carbon monoxide leak, the health risks are enormous, and in many cases are deadly. They are just as important as security systems for protecting one’s home and family. Making sure that there is a carbon monoxide detector in the house should be among the first priorities of a new homeowner, and should be the next priority of an existing homeowner if they don’t have one yet. The most preferred and best available on the market is the First Alert carbon monoxide detector.

First Alert carbon monoxide detectors are available as either stand-alone detectors or as a combination smoke and carbon monoxide detector. The latter of which will save money from buying two separate machines but costs more. Every First Alert carbon monoxide detector comes with a five year lifetime warranty so you can be assured that the company stands behind the quality of its product.

The alarm itself utilizes an electrochemical detector for increased accuracy, limiting confusion from other natural gases and aromas. The alarms are loud and noticeable, but there is a mute button, along with a test button to ensure the alarm works when necessary. A unique battery compartment allows for easy AA battery replacement without even taking the detector off the wall or ceiling. There is a low battery chirping tone as well as an end of detector life timer that signals when it’s time to buy an entirely new machine.

Nearly any retailer that sells home furnishings will carry the First Alert carbon monoxide detector, including Target, Wal-Mart, Home Depot, and even Office Depot starting at $50. Keep an eye on ads and sales, as detectors are a popular necessity and retailers frequently mark them down or include them in a sale. Online retailers such as Amazon also carry detectors, and many times you may get a discount or free shipping with your order. Also, when purchasing online, you can usually take an additional amount off the total with a coupon code.

As a couple helpful tips when placing a carbon monoxide detector, be sure to place the detector where the alarm can be clearly heard at any time of the day. Also, make sure that areas where buildup of CO2 is likely are covered by a detector, such as the basement or any other area with little to no circulation (windows, vents, etc.). Sometimes it may be necessary to purchase additional detectors to make sure that all areas of the house are covered and adequately protected. This may mean purchasing one for each floor. Last but not least, always make sure the batteries are good. The detector will warn you, so be sure not to ignore it.

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