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Plus Size Women Clothes - Shopping for Plus Size Women Clothes

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As a plus-size woman, I know full well how frustrating and difficult it can be to find attractive clothing and lingerie in women’s plus sizes. For a very long time it seemed that clothing manufacturers of plus size women’s clothes equated “large” with “dowdy.” Thankfully that trend is reversing itself; women of all sizes are now able to find comfortable and stylish clothing that they are happy to wear.

Just My Size, an offshoot of Hanes Brand, provides a large selection of lingerie and sportswear in women clothes for plus sizes. Bras can be found in sizes 38A to 58J and sportswear apparel ranges in sizes from 14W to 40W. This clothing line is available at Walmart, at Just My Size Outlet stores, and by shopping online.

For plus size women who are interested in lingerie that go beyond the basics of everyday panties and bras, department stores such as Lane Bryant carry a full line of clothing in plus sizes for women, including lingerie. Hips and Curves, an online store, carries a wide variety of lingerie, from daytime wear to night wear. For the more daring plus size woman, Christie’s Toy Box offers lingerie, costumes and more in plus sizes.

Many department stores now carry lines of plus size women clothes. JCPenney, Nordstroms, Catherines, Cato, and Fashion Bug are just a few of the places to shop to find stylish women’s clothing in plus sizes. Mail order catalogs from companies such as Lane Bryant and Roaman’s also provide a wide selection of clothing choices for the plus-size woman. All of these venues will have a variety of clothing, including women’s plus size dresses, sportswear, lingerie and more.

When shopping clothing lines in plus sizes, remember that sizes may vary from one label to the next. Keep in mind that many companies have return policies specific to panties and bras that may prohibit their return once purchased.

Plus size women clothes have come a long way, baby. Now we can dress with confidence, the same way our smaller-sized sisters have been doing all along. Plus size women’s dresses no longer look like gunny sacks.

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