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New Movie Rentals - Options for finding new movie rentals

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The movie rental industry in recent years has undergone a dramatic transformation. Hundreds of physical store locations have been forced to close down due to pressure from Netflix-type mail services and Redbox rental machines. Previous new movie rental giants such as Blockbuster have been forced to adapt to the new market. Today, there are many companies with different plan types and services to choose from.

Redbox movie machines are a great and convenient way for consumers to pick up a cheap new movie rental while either on the way in or out of locations with high concentrations of people such as gas stations, grocery stores, or fast food restaurants. The machines are completely self-serve and only cost a dollar a night for as many movies as you want. You’re required to swipe your credit card before receiving the movie and the card isn’t charged until you bring the movie back. Confirmation receipts are sent to your e-mail. Because of its close proximity and mutual relationship with grocery stores and various restaurants, Redbox is constantly offering coupons for free movies with purchase of a participating item or set of items.

By signing up on the Redbox website and giving your mobile phone number, the company sends out free movie codes on the first Monday of every month. The website also has a feature to let you check a specific machine location for a movie’s availability before driving there. If it is in stock, you can request to hold the DVD for a limited time until you can make it there.

Netflix pioneered the process of receiving new movie rentals through the customer’s mailbox. After signing up for a monthly or yearly plan you can request movies to be listed on your queue. Then one by one the movies you requested are sent to your home as they become available. When you’re finished with a movie you can send it back.

Blockbuster has learned to adapt to the new state of the industry after watching other movie rental stores get put out of business by the likes of Redbox and Netflix. Learning from others mistakes, Blockbuster now has several different ways to get new movie rentals to the consumer. Similar to Netflix, Blockbuster’s By Mail service lets the customer rent up to three DVDs at a time based on the level of plan they request. Its new On Demand service allows the user to download new movies directly to their computers for a limited time, bypassing the store or any mail system completely. Some new movie rentals are considered Blockbuster exclusives and can’t be found anywhere else. Also, Blockbuster is able to get many new movies days and sometimes weeks before other most other businesses.

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