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Jones New York Clothing - Jones New York Fashion

jones of new york

Whether you are getting ready for a long day at the office or a fun night on the town, Jones New York has a style that is right for you.

Jones New York is part of the company Jones Apparel Group Inc. The company has a great reputation for their product quality and value. They produce a variety of products which includes sportswear, jeans, shoes, menswear, and accessories.

Jones New York features four lines to suit anyone. The “Collection” line is elegant without being overly “dressy”. This line can carry you from the office to the night club in modern style. The “Signature” line is for your playful side. It features playful, easy to wear styles that are great for the weekend or a day off. The “Sport” line is highlighted by loose, traditional styles that are great for those leisurely days. The newest line is “Jones New York”. Flattering shapes and easy to care for fabrics make this line a hit for all fashion shoppers.

Lloyd Boston is Jones New York resident style Guru. He has built his reputation as being a style contributor and editor. He has been featured on over 30 television shows including CNN’s American Morning. One of his passions is to help women dress well. He teamed up with Jones New York in 2007 and travels across the country making personal appearances and conducting style clinics.

Jones New York features a website that can be very helpful to shoppers. Each category of clothing is broken down into easy to shop sections. The site even features a “how to wear it” section that can help the shopper who may not be sure what to pair clothing with or what accessories to wear with a given outfit.

In addition to the website, Jones New York clothing can be purchased at many nationally recognized fashion retailers.

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