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Defensive Driving In Texas - Cautious Driving Tips: Defensive Driving in Texas

traffic road it’s signs

The busy highways of Texas are a bustling, non stop accident waiting to happen, and driving cautiously and defensively is the only sure way to keep safe, most especially during the busy tourist season between June and August. You already know the fundamentals of driving. Let’s expand on that with some helpful tips on driving through busy intersections, getting on and off highway and Interstate ramps, and driving through potentially hazardous road conditions. Keep a proper following distance, even in heavy stop and go traffic. Always use your turn signals when changing lanes, and don’t assume what those around you are going to do. If someone in the lane next to yours begins to switch lanes without signaling, respond accordingly by slowing down or speeding up to give him enough room. Never drive through a changing light. Wait for the next green light. When changing lanes, always look over your shoulder to avoid blind spots. Watch speed limit signs and other signs carefully. Don’t turn right on a red light until it’s clear, and only if the intersection permits you to do so. If someone demands the right of way, give it to them. It’s never worth having an accident over. Be considerate of other drivers. If someone is waiting to turn out of a parking lot, if traffic permits it, let them into your lane. At four way stops, give the right of way to the person who got there first. If you both arrive at the same time, be considerate and signal with your hands that it’s ok for the other driver to proceed.

Always follow posted speed limits. Yield to other drivers when it’s clear that their intentions are to go ahead of you. If pulled out in front of, slow down to the appropriate speed to allow then to catch up, rather than tailgating, which is not permissible. Allow extra space between you and the vehicle in front of you during rain or adverse weather conditions. Avoid getting angry while driving, and don’t drive when you are upset. During rush hour traffic, as at all times when you are in your car, be alert and on the lookout for aggressive driving behavior, people running red lights, and take appropriate action when you see these events occur. Pull off to the side of the road for police cars, ambulances, and other emergency vehicles when they have their lights and sirens on. When driving late at night, there tends to be less traffic on the road in Texas. Even so, continue to follow all traffic laws, including stopping at traffic lights and stop signs. Some of the worst collisions have happened at night, and you should never assume that you are the only car still on the road. Defensive driving is all about anticipating those around you. When entering an exit ramp or an onramp, look over your shoulder and use your turn signal. These defensive driving tips will help you to travel safe and travel smart in Texas.

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