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Stainless Trash Can - Dream Trash Can

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The trash can of tomorrow has now become the trash can of today. Steel has modernized the method in

which people dispose of their trash. Steel used to be corrosive and tarnished, but as a result of modern
technology, has been modified into an efficient and durable container for garbage that is also recyclable.

Steel garbage cans are constructed from stainless steel, which does not corrode, rust, or deteriorate in the

same manner as ordinary steel. They are pleasing to the eye in their natural state and do not require a fancy
layer of paint to be visible in any room of the home, office, or business. However, they are also available with
an attractive finish, such as red, white, or silver if desired. Trash cans fashioned from stainless steel can be
bought at most any home or hardware store such as Lowe’s, Wal-Mart, or Target. They are also available for
purchase online from Simple Human (www.simplehuman.com), Kitchen Source (www.trashcancentral.com), or Amazon (www.Amazon.com) .

Types of stainless steel trash cans vary in price, size, and detail. Pricing ranges from around $20.00 for an

8-gallon stainless steel trash can to over $200.00 for the larger varieties, depending on the brand or the extra
features. Some stainless cans such as the fingerprint-proof trash cans sold at Simple Human (www.simplehuman.com) have a coating on them to protect against smudges and stains. ITouchless (www.iTouchless.com) has created a stainless wastebasket, which has a sensor that opens and closes the lid, preventing the spread of harmful bacteria on hands. Kitchens would benefit from a larger stainless trash can that holds 20- 60 liters, while offices, bedrooms, or bathrooms would be better served by a stainless can that accommodates less than 20 liters. Commercial grade stainless steel trash containers can be acquired by visiting Belson Outdoors (www.belson.com) or Kitchen Source (www.trashcancentral.com) .

Cleaning a garbage can made from stainless steel can be easy. It needs to be cleansed regularly. Wipe it

down with water and a soft cloth. If a more thorough cleaning is required, water and a mild detergent can be
used. For the removal of fingerprints, glass cleaner works suitably. Just make sure to rinse well afterwards
with clean water to remove any lingering residue and dry with a soft cloth. Do not ever use steel wool because
it will scratch the surface. Do not use bleach because it causes the surface to become discolored. The stainless
steel wastebasket will also become discolored if it is exposed to salts or acids for an extended period of time.

Trash cans have been revolutionized by stainless steel. It is resilient, long-lasting, and sturdy. Stainless

steel trash cans are considered to be an attractive and functional addition to any home.

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