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English To Italian Dictionary - Where to find an English to Italian dictionary

italian to english dictionary

When conducting international business or even surfing the world wide web, it is always handy to keep some sort of translating software or form of dictionary nearby. Nowadays, with the help of technology, it’s easier than ever to find a virtual English to Italian dictionary anytime. Web browsers now are specifically equipped with menus for translating foreign languages as well as the availability of constantly updated add-ons in the form of Italian to English dictionaries. New iPhones and mobile devices have apps designed for translating as well as the old stand by: a physical paperback form of an Italian to English dictionary.

The first type of Italian to English dictionary available is also the most archaic, and that is a physical paperback dictionary. Any bookstore or online book retailer will have a supply of dictionaries in any language. If you don’t want a straight dictionary, there are combination phrase books and dictionaries that carry useful key phrases in the spoken language. Similar to a paper dictionary, but more advanced and portable is a hand-held pocket dictionary, which the user can type the word in and receive an instant translation.

When hunting for an English to Italian dictionary online, there are a few different ways to go about it. The first is by visiting a translation dictionary website such as wordreference.com, dictionaryreverso.net, and babelfish.yahoo.com. All of which have text bars to type in either an English or Italian word to get the corresponding match in the opposite language. These sites are perfect for single word translations. While some do have whole sentence translators, these should be used with caution, as they translate the sentence word for word and full sentences rarely translate exactly into another language while keeping the general meaning and word order intact.

Many web browsers are taking advantage of add-on features and downloads to enhance the user’s Internet experience. Most prominently with Mozilla Firefox, the second largest challenger to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, the user can choose to download a virtual English to Italian dictionary program for use within the web-surfing environment. Simply by right clicking or hovering over an unknown word, the add-on will instantly translate it. Another Italian to English add-on is the IMTranslator, which pops up in a separate window and allows you to type any word in to be instantly translated, as well as sentences. The same problems apply here as in the previous example however.

If you have access to one of the many new mobile devices, whether it be the iPhone, a cell phone, Blackberry, or netbook, you can download one of many Italian to English dictionary apps and begin translating words instantly. With this option you don’t need to be near a computer or carry around a bulky physical dictionary. This is excellent for meetings, social situations, and areas that don’t have an Internet connection.

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