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Purple Heart Donation - Helping Veterans with Donations to Purple Heart

programs military families provides

In this tough economic climate with everyone struggling just to make ends meet, it’s easy to overlook the people who really need our help. The Military Order of the Purple Heart is a charitable organization which provides rehabilitation and educational programs along with welfare to our veterans and their families. Primarily composed of military men and women who have received the Purple Heart Medal for combat related wounds, this order was chartered by Congress in 1958. The service supports veterans from any branch of the military and their families with many programs offered across the nation. It also provides support and housing for homeless veterans.

The programs offered by the Military Order of the Purple Heart are funded primarily by your tax-deductible donations. Rather than asking for your time or your pledge of a certain amount of money, they ask for your unused household items, clothing, boats and even cars. Car donations are common and completely tax-deductible even if the car doesn’t run. Most branches provide pick up for your items or vehicle and all it takes is a phone call to start the process.

Once you make your donation to the Military Order of the Purple Heart, the goods are sold in bulk to recyclers where they are divided into categories for resale. This service provides communities with help in many ways. It allows people to purchase clothing and other items at a greatly lowered price than buying them retail. It also provides jobs within the community and then finally it funds programs for veterans. Your donation will help on so many levels.

The money that is collected from the resale of your donated items goes to provide military veterans with many programs including military funeral honors, job finding assistance, education and training, prosthetic devices, work study programs and even alcohol and drug treatment programs. They also fund assistance for blind or otherwise disabled veterans who are no longer able to work.

The Purple Heart organization includes a ladies auxiliary which assists distressed families and comforts them through their losses. They provide counseling on funeral services for recent widows or widowers and scholarship programs for the children of Purple Heart recipients. The donations that you make fund these services.

Your Purple Heart donations also fund the Veteran’s Vocational Technical Institute which is a training program for disable veterans interested in a career in tech support, virtual assisting and other technology related jobs. The program has trained and placed hundreds of veterans into new careers. This job training allows these disabled veterans to provide for their families again.

Regardless of the size of your donation, from clothing to a car, your charitable gift to the Military Order of the Purple Heart helps veterans get back on track with their lives. It allows them and their families to continue living a productive life after they have served our country. Your donation helps needy families and children of veterans receive an education or a new purpose in life, no matter what their physical disabilities. It’s easy to donate and pick up service is available in most areas.

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